About me

GPPC on a dock

Great Pacific Plastic Crusher, placed on a Dock.

ArtJPS shows work from           Jasper Schep

born 1959 

Student of theology from 1977-1986.

Followed a technical instruction and worked as coachbuilder from 1989-2006.

Followed courses portrait drawing, etching, ceramics at 'De Lindenberg' Nijmegen.

Pastor from 1999 till 2009.

Attended courses painting and casting bronze at Amersfoort.

Assisted bronze caster Frank van Ede.

Admitted in 2008 at both the academy of fine arts Minerva Groningen and St. Joost Breda.

Followed after admission the NAU, the New Academy Utrecht, from 2008 till 2013. www.nieuweakademie.nl

Completed the NAU art education in 2013.

Together with the other graduates held a jointly exhibition at Loods 6 Amsterdam June 2013.

Member of the NKvB, the Dutch Society of Sculptors, www.nkvb.nl

Showed work on Festival Oord at Emmeloord 2013 and  2014.

Attended a course Informatica in Groningen.

Interviewed on TV at Broadcast/Omroep Flevoland for the programme 'Maak het mee', broadcasted on Saturday July 28 2014 and for the programme 'Binnen de Dijken', broadcasted on Monday March 2 2015. Watch 'Binnen de Dijken'.

Follow the link from 03m:35s.


An example: Great Pacific Plastic Crusher (GPPC), 2011.


Cast-offs inspire me to build a machine or concept with a new function. It often relates to a global or social theme.

For example the growing human population on earth.

Tidings about plastic soup in the oceans were the inducement

for the piece shown above.

Technology brought progression and practical plastics.

However we will need all our slick inventiveness to solve Plastic as a Problem.

GPPC is a scale model to deal with this Problem.

A concept of a special utility vessel on solar energy, meant to

remove and crush the plastic waste.

Will it pass?