Events and exhibitions

Events and exhibitions


Pion Oer, the sculpture of bogwood found in the ground of the former Suydersee.

Beeldententoonstelling Beelden in de Hof The Hague Hofje van Nieuwkoop 2018

Kien, Peat Bogle, the sculpture of bogwood, showed up

Exhibition "Waterdicht"/"Waterproof" at De Verbeelding Zeewolde June till September 2018

Pion Oer

Pion Oer at Museum Nagele

Exhibition Museum Nagele 10th of Dec. 2017 till 25th of Feb. 2018

Art Expo Flevoland January the15th till the 17th of 2016

standing behind the mirrorwall of the self-image-shooter it seems as if somebody is shooting at you

Open Atelierday 19th of September 2015 at the Waterlab Voorsterweg 32 Marknesse

Standing in the self-image-shooter it seems somebody is shooting at you...

Bee Biodiversity in The Hague at the Haagse Kunstkring july 2015

money laundering machine

Why is it tumbling? Does it make sense....

Money Laundering machine surprises passengers, Oord Festival July 2014.

Septic 2014

her feeler flourished on the music surprising young and old

Septic, 2014. Added lustre to Oord Festival Emmeloord July 2014

Impaling Oil next to solar car Luna 6

Impaling Oil next to solar car Luna 6 from Nuon Solar Team

Durability Market Emmeloord April 19 2014

Third World Heart-Lung machine at Oord Festival

Third World Heart-Lung machine at Oord Festival

Oord Festival Emmeloord July 2013

Bee Biodiversity reacts on approaching visitor

Graduates Exhibition NAU, Loods 6 Amsterdam June 2013