My Work

Aircleaner F2070

Aircleaner F2070, an example of an interactive machine. Not built after a preliminary draft but just growing under my hands from collected material. Parts of a microwave and cistern received a new function. The Aircleaner is interactive. She reacts on different ways to the passing visitors.

My Work. Absurd machines.

  • Machines working

Interested in movements without text or information? Find and watch filmfragments at machines-working.

Also to be found behind  the tab Machines working (see above in the orange bar, it pops up under My Work).


Want more information? Follow this link to Machines

or use the tab Machines on the orange bar (popping up under My work).


  • Machines                                             

Strange, undeterminate and absurd machines form the heart and lungs of my work.  Most of them are interactive. You might call it mechanical art or kinetic art. But conceptual art fits als well. The tab Machines presents you with a picture, technique and short description for every piece of art.  Watch Machines.


Old Work

You can find information and foto's of older works in the menu beneath the header Old Work. It is divided in two parts.


  • Assemblages

Beneath the tab ASSEMBLAGES you see works assembled of various parts and materials.

These objects were build earlier then the machines. They are part of experiments on the playground of materials. Watch    Assemblages.


  • Sculptures

Works with monumental statue and mostly made out of one kind of material are placed beneath the tab SCULPTURES.  Most of these works are dated before 2013. Take a look at Sculptures.