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Hooverrobotchy, 2010

Forming images from waste.

Old work

During my scolarship at the New Academy Utrecht The New Academy Utrecht (NAU) In this period I have built pieces which opened the door to the later conceptual machines.

A nice example is this artefact consisting out of  parts from a hoover, old batteries and various other assembled parts.

Other examples you find beneath the tabs Assemblages and Sculptures.



  • Assemblages

Beneath the tab ASSEMBLAGES you find works assembled out of different parts of old material, tools and broken appliances.

These objects were made before the birth of the 'affecters'  and conceptual machines.

They are explorations and discoveries out of the Land of Scrap. Watch Assemblages.


  • Sculptures

Works with a monumental statue are listed below the tab SCULPTURES. They are mostly made out of one material. The material was found and reused. Look at Sculptures.