Working method: machine touches senses


Bee biodiversity, 2013

Senseless and absurd: appliances tickle senses

The new concepts I draw and build have surprising actions and behaviour.

I reconstruct old appliances such as a tumble dryer, grinder or squeezer.

With sensors they respond to approaching people.

in every sense they prickle one's curiosity to their meaning and existence.


The process often starts with a news item, such as the report that beepopulations diminish. The news says that it is possibly due to our use of insecticides and medicins that effect their watersupplies.

I draw sketches and start looking for parts or materials that make sense in relation to this subject.

The squeezer I found made a certain sound and started to shiver with a weight on her top.

This fascinates me and I start experimenting once more, taking distance, contemplating on the combination, rearranging materials and concept if necessary.

The construction I keep visible to amplify its expressiveness. 


Building a piece that reacts to the spectator is my goal.

Operations of a device may be totally useless and its form absurd.

However the apparatus is of value when it touches upon a tender string or when it provokes a laugh.

Does the concept stimulates us to reflect?

Is it able to move our senses, to affect us like a real 'affecter' ?

(For an explanation for 'affecter' look at home.)